Human Resources

Handeks Textile continues on working all year round to place logical candidates to right positions, considering corporate missions and principles. As Handeks Textile, we attach significance to efficiency and skills in the recruitment process. It is essential that our candidates must have 9 basic skills below regardless of the department;

  • Orientation
  • Team-Work
  • Communication
  • Development of Cooperation
  • Result Oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Self-development and Colleagues Development
  • Adjusted to diversity and Management
  • Customer Sentiment

In the process of evaluating a newly graduate or experienced candidate, It is applied the all survey methods below or a few according to job requirement,

  • Competency-based Interview
  • Occupational Personality Inventory

In the consequence of all evaluation, It is offered the job to eligible candidate and the candidate is hired. Our main goal is to place individuals to right occupation according to their knowledge and skills.