Objectives & Principles

Handeks Textile aims at providing services and products which are in accordance with standards and quality, improving successfully with the employees.

Our CEO Cemal ŞENCAN clarifies Objectives and Principles of Handeks like;

Customers are our benefactors.

Our priority is to create values for our customers, satisfy their expectations with quality and stability. Our primary duty is to look after our products and support our customers post-sales.

Our aim is always to be “the best.”

Our main goal is to be good at quality, services, ​​​​​​​supplies, dealer relations and​​​​​​​ protect our good image in the ​​​​​​​textile industry.  Being a leader in ​​​​​​​the market and guiding the textile industry are our main objectives.

Our most significant wealth is our human resourses.

The quality of our products and services starts with the quality of our employees. It is essential that we hire and employ the best personnel, benefit from their skills, power, and creativity, make their productivity better, let them develop themselves and create a cooperation in the workplace.

Professional ethics and honest work principle are our main priority.

Our principle is, to be honest, humble and open-minded at all relation besides to obey the laws and moral ethics. We think that the most important duty is to discharge the responsibility towards humans and posterities. We believe that it is a must to protect our environment and make everyone aware of it for Turkey and the world.

We aim to strengthen the Turkish Economy where we take strength.

Our main principle is that “We will exist as long as our country and government exist. If our government is powerful, we are, too.”