About Us

Handeks Textile was founded by Cemal ŞENCAN in 1979, Aksaray İstanbul. It was moved to current factory which has 3200 square meters indoor area in 1982, just keeping the production in the center of entire work since the day it was founded. It has become a brand at a level of an incorporate company, aiming to be institutionalized in the ongoing process.

Handeks Textile has been one of the most successful textile manufacturers of Turkey, thanks to enthusiasm about being a start point of change and development through the journey of more than 36 years. By giving importance to international standards in all business, It has become a worldwide player as a result of the desire to be successful in the world market as much as being in the local market.


As Handeks family and business partners, our vision is to be a respective world company to individuals and environment, manufacturing creative designs and making difference in brands and technology use.


Our mission is to be a respective company to humans and nature as well as enriching the life with creative and high-quality products.


  • We take strength from our customs.
  • We develop and improve all together.
  • We are sensitive to the environment.
  • We assign fair and visible management.
  • We show respect to differences.

Board Of Directors

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Vice President